Schulich School Of Business

Schulich is famous for being one of Canada's top global schools. It has earned a reputation by building a strong program aimed at quality education and offering world-class development to the business industry. It gained its third position for being the best in the field of corporate social responsibility and ranked number six in the world custom executive education programs.

The architectural design of the main campus is located in Ontario Canada at the center of the city's financial district. The school introduces satellites centers not only in America but it also extends its operation in China, India and Korea for which it offers business degrees that leads to innovation at various sectors. The faculty is composed mainly of highly qualified and experienced Canadian professors.

A number of teachers also came from countries outside Canada who speaks of different languages, for a total of 30 languages combined.

Schulich University has their distinct characteristic that makes it different from any other business school around the world. It introduces different approach in conquering the management world. It focuses mainly on team development rather than individual achievements. The objective is to make highly intellectual individuals to come together and to combine their efforts in order to come up with innovative ideas that an individual may not achieve alone. Such technique is a result of an intensive educational experience for students.

The program is structures in such a way that students can achieve knowledge not only through lectures but also from communal learning from the people around them. Adapting a team approach in every research can attain this; as such a research would probably end up with an excellent result. Building a stronger team effort can allow students to be more equipped with skills to face the challenge imposed by other intellectual business students.

In order to improve the academic performance, Schulich collaborated with other top business schools around the world to develop on research and to build a more advanced and unique teaching process and techniques.

Being one of the top MBA schools all over the world, Schulich University open its door to all aspiring industry movers on both full time and part time programs. The schedule of classes is generally during evenings and during weekends. The hopeful applicants have also the option to manage their time more efficiently by making their own schedule at their convenience. The program depends upon the length of time spent by the student to complete the MBA program. The student who had attained two years full time work experience may reduce their credit hours from 60 to 30.

The full time students may opt to have a longer year of studies if they chose to avail the summer off but may also shorten their years in school for 16 months with 4 consecutive terms. The part time students are given flexible schedules starting at nighttime to accommodate profession in the morning and programs to be held during the weekends. The MBA program offers specialization for competent students to enhance their ability and prepare them for a tight competition.

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