Sound Waves to Causing Structural Failure to Insect Wings

Recently a professional engineer was asked for assistance in the question if sound waves could cause structural failure in insect wings. Why? Well, because it was believed that sound waves could then be used to stop killer bees or locust plagues from swarming and causing deaths or devastation to crops. This has been discussed in an online think tank and one member approached the professional engineer and then reported back to the group;.

"So basically now you have stated; I sent the story to a professional engineer friend of mine and he says the wings are so flexible that spending time trying to degrade them or crack the drum head part of the wing with sound wave seems a distant pursuit, given the other concept with which to meditate.Well another think tank member stated to that; Obviously and I told you so. Now if you are trying to impress me with "professional engineers" I will have none of that, because this is such a blatantly obvious answer to a question, I say "No Minutia Sherlock!" For anyone to impress me well let's just say they will have to be more than just a professional engineer, because to me that is like a professional lawyer, professional politician or professional scum scraper at the sewer treatment plant.

Glad we got that out of the way. "Professional Engineer?" Yah and these professional engineers are why nothing I ever buy ever works? Professional engineers. I think we ought to hold these professional engineers accountable for the crap they produce and design.

So, what does professional mean, they wear a tie to work to impress superiors? Please spare me the BS and just because he thinks it will not work does not mean it wouldn't when the wing of the insect is working at its structural limits in the midst of the intensity of the swarm. It just means if we continue to look at this problem we take the flexibility of the wing into consideration. So, then lets consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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