Step Out of Time and Circle Back Around New Battle Tactic

What do you do when you are out numbered and cornered by your advancing enemy? There is not much you can do really, except conserve ammo and be careful to place each shot perfectly. In the Vietnam War we saw many a US Marine base camp over run and some, which were able to defend against the enemy and hold them at bay until new supplies and ammo could be brought in. Some of the stories are horrific indeed. And not just on our side, as the enemy was slaughtered and cut down in wave after wave and attracting flies, bugs and disease.

What we need is a new battle tactic and one, which we can use which will never fail us. What do you have in mind you ask?.We need to spend R and T money on a device which will allow our boys to step out of time and then move to another location or better location even if it is only three or four hours before or after the event, so that they may reappear and have the upper hand against the enemy. This new battle tactic would be a dream come true and we must work hard to see it thru. Some say such things are not possible and it is merely Science Fiction Fantasy.

Oh yes indeed, but so was traveling to the Moon and Mars, sending energy thru through energy waves and extending life. All those things are possible and are happening now. So think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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