Stopping Locust Swarms Warren Powers Technology and Concept

Can we stop the Locust Plagues in Africa, which continually threaten crop production in and around the Lake Victorian region? Can we use sound waves to disrupt these swarms? Is it possible to either get these locusts to stop or defeat them in flight?.Well one researcher and gentleman believes it is and his concept appears to be sound. Sound indeed is exactly what Warren Powers is suggesting.

Using specially designed harmonic and acoustic systems to direct sound waves into the Locust Plagues.Fact is with Warren Powers' concept; we maybe able to be ready for the next big Locust Plague in Africa near Lake Victoria and put this problem behind mankind once and for all? Now then with Mr. Powers' concept along with other technologies there is a good chance we can defeat the Locusts;.


org/news/2001/010601-e.htm. say that the Bio-pesticides work as they kill many locusts.

Of course the natives eat them too. Meaning we end up poisoning Africans, who eat them. The problem is after the crops are devastating there is little to eat and thus the Africans eat them due to food supplies. Plus it is somewhat of a tradition, makes sense as they are high in protein?.http://www.ento. are lots of problems with crop failures in Africa and the birth rates are also too high. With droughts, wildfires and locust swarms feeding the continent is a real problem indeed.http://home.

So the answer appears to form a virtual sound swarming affect around a swarm of locusts to stop them, make them quit or kill them in route at a place and time of our choosing. Mr. Powers is definitely on to something and my question to the human race is two-fold. Are we willing to commit the necessary funds to dealing with the locust plagues here and now and develop Mr. Powers concept and technology. And are we as a species willing to commit to a full-scale military style delivery system to stopping an ominous locust plague while in route? Consider all this in 2006.

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