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The Student Financial Guide website is divided into categories pertaining to pre college resources, during college experiences, post college challenges, investing, news, and even a forum where you can chat with other members looking for advice or just wanting to chat.Preparing for college is very important and that's why the Student Financial Guide covers topics on budgeting and planning for your college years. Not only do you have to decide where you want to go but also you have to establish a budget that includes tuition and books, living expenses, food, and of course having fun. Although tuition rates are rising most don't notice how expensive college is because you usually pay the amount in one lump sum each semester and then forget about it.

However imagine paying your tuition in installments before every class period in cash. You then would realize exactly how much that hour of instruction was worth.So you have to ask yourself, are you getting your money's worth? College is an investment. But remember, it's not just the diploma that's valuable but the experience and the knowledge as well.

Keep these four tips in mind when attending classes, and you'll succeed in the long run. Go to class prepared, go into the classroom with questions, and don't be afraid to ask them, spend extra time with professors, and seek out resources and opportunities.For many, college is years of experience not limited to educational experience but experiences that shape you as a person. You'll meet new faces, try new things, and experience life on our own which can turn into something more expensive than planned.

The average credit card debt owed by college students is approximately $2,700, with close to a quarter of students owing more than $3,000. Even more, about 10 percent owed more than $7,000! It's important not to let spending get out of hand because that's where college students find themselves applying for credit cards and dive into debt. Once college students graduate they are usually left still paying that debt as well as any loans taken out to cover the costs of tuition. Most don't think about what's ahead for them in the future or realize they might be faced with an emergency situation where savings would be helpful. On the Student Financial Guide website you'll find answers to your debt concerns and credit issues.

This site is useful in providing relevant data to college students on their experiences throughout college. Learn about money saving tips, credit and debt management, and stock market as well as so much useful college information all on


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By: Katie Spencer


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