The University of Phoenix degree program vs a traditional degree program

There are different schools of thoughts advocating either a traditional degree or an online degree. Whereas the goal of education and job marketability remains the same, the point of argument is over the ways in which the goal is attained. You will be better able to reach an effective decision if you weigh the pros and cons of both.

A traditional degree requires a student to be physically present for a class at a predetermined location at a specific time. An online education in an accredited institution like the University of Phoenix has been able to make this a non-requirement. You can be anywhere in the world and still access your learning material whenever you find time to do it, thus making it possible for you to pursue your career and maintain a full-time job.

A regular classroom allows a vibrant discussion and proactive learning process through face-to-face interactions with colleagues and guides. Although an online education is unable to ensure the vibrancy and spontaneity of a classroom, it allows interaction with guides and classmates in a virtual classroom situation.

A classroom situation is time bound and follows strict schedules, pressurizing students to meet deadlines and submission dates, unlike the online course that sets flexible time schedules according to studentsĀ' requirements. Whereas this enables working learners to fit in education in their busy schedules, it could also prove to be deterrent for those learners who perform better under stricter timelines.

Although an online education might not be the same college experience as a traditional degree, it meets the most important goal of education and should be considered by aspirants who do not find more traditional colleges appealing. The University of Phoenix Online offers a curriculum that fits almost every studentĀ's timetable, with the backing of a strong faculty.

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Hal McIver is a proponent of higher education, especially at online universities.


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By: Hal McIver


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