THEL Weapon for the Chinese

Well they are finally here; high-energy laser weapons like on Star Wars and they are as deadly and as powerful and soon these lasers will be very small in size. One airborne laser is now being developed in the size of a refrigerator, which can fit in the bomb bay doors of a Stealth Fighter Plane. They even have a unit so big it has to go into a 747 and the Israelis have a unit call the THEL, which is portable and can be set up on a border, which can shoot down SCUD or ICBM missiles, which are inbound to their country.

The new high-energy laser systems are becoming the latest tool in the battlespace and soon everyone will have them. In fact Israel is considering the sale of these to China. China is also buying Russian Technology and China is also selling missiles, etc to nations who are hostile to US interests in the Middle East.Is Israel is making a mistake selling THEL to Red China? Some say they are although others point out that Israel wants China as an ally. Especially since China is selling SAMs and missile defense and perhaps offence systems to Iran. Iran of course wants to nuke Israel off the map.

One looking at the over all picture has to be a little concerned that it looks as if Asia and the Middle East is ramping up for WW III and the amount of expenditures of weapons, both offensive and defensive appears to be something out of the Carl von Clauswitz playbooks as he indicated that that the leaders who fail to protect their nations do so at the expense of her people and their civilization.There sure are a lot of back door arms deals and nation state relationships being formed in this lead up to a Modern Day Machiavellian alliance grab going on. The stakes are getting higher and this game is much more complex than the anti involvement US liberal voter understands with their persnickety comments, as they have not followed the events leading up to even our current situation in the Middle East. One would have to say to the anti-war liberal movement in the United States that perhaps they should be looking at the whole picture and ask them to think the game all the way thru. Your thoughts?.

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By: Lance Winslow


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