things you must know before getting your criminal justice degree

Before you enter a college or university to get your online criminal justice degree there are certain things that you should know. These are:

1. Find out the difference between different levels of online degrees:

You can get online associate level degrees, bachelor level degrees, master level degrees and even PhDs. Depending on your existing level of educational achievement you have to make an appropriate choice as to what level of online degree you can go for or are eligible to get.

2. Find out the difference between different types of online degrees:

Online criminal justice degrees are available in many different majors or specialisations. Depending on your own inclinations and research about various career options you have to decide which type of online degree will be just right for you ? which major, program or degree you should opt for.

So find out about all the options available to you when it comes to online degrees in criminal justice.

3. Find out which online university or college is best for you:

There are hundreds of colleges and universities offering online degrees. But not all of them are equally good. Some are good, some are not-so-good and some are outright bad. Look at costs, time factor, course content, faculty, accreditation and transferability of credits, and all other possible factors that can impact your decision about which college or university is best for you.

It is not easy to compare different colleges and universities and there are many dangers. Hence, the more thorough your research the better will be your choice.

4. Find out all you need to know about accreditation:

Almost all online colleges and universities offering online degrees boast of some accreditation or the other. But all accreditations are not the same. Accreditations by any of the eight regional accrediting bodies funded by the US Department of Education and authorised by the department to grant accreditations, are the most valuable and absolutely risk-free.

Accreditations from other bodies are risky. Two states ? Michigan and Oregon ? have also put out negative lists as to which colleges and universities are not recognised or rather degrees from such colleges and universities are not recognised. The Michigan list also contains a list of accreditation bodies that are not recognised. Make it a point to find out whether the college or university you are thinking of entering is not in any of these two lists because then the degree that you earn will be worthless.

In short, avoid colleges and universities known as diploma mills.

5. Find out about for-profit institutions such as ITT Tech:

For-profit institutions such as ITT Tech market their programs very aggressively. While such institutions may have a lot of good things going for them there are many bad points that these institutions do not care to advertise. Please research thoroughly all aspects before entering for-profit institutions such as ITT Tech.


Find out about for-profit universities such as the University of Phoenix:

The University of Phoenix is the unchallenged market leader in the for-profit education services industry. It is also the largest and the oldest university offering online degrees. It is also a very aggressive advertiser. Though it is a pioneer in online education and can boast of many innovations in the field of online education, not everything may be right about the University of Phoenix.

Thoroughly check all the facts that they do not care to advertise and then make your choice ? don't just go by advertising or past reputation.

7. Find out the basics of an online criminal justice degree:

Find out about various careers, majors and specialisations. Find out about course curriculum, misconceptions about online degrees and all else that you need to know before going for an online criminal justice degree.


Find out about careers and salaries:

An online degree can open up many different types of careers. Find out which type of degrees will open up which type of careers as well as the possible or average salaries associated with each of these types of careers before deciding on any particular online degree in criminal justice.

9. Find out what all you will need to get an online criminal justice degree:

Find out what materials you will need, what kind of pre-requisites you must have, how difficult the program will be, what kind of syllabus you will face and so on before deciding on any particular online criminal justice program.

10. Find out what online criminal justice courses are like:

Find out the various differences and similarities between online and traditional courses. What kind of time will be required, what credentials will be required, what kind of homework will be required, what kind of classroom environment or teaching and learning environment you will have and so on before deciding on any particular online criminal justice program.

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Jim Greenberg recommends you visit the Online Criminal Justice Degree Guide for more information on enrolling in an online criminal justice college. See www.ocjdg.

com/2006/02/the_abcs_of_enr.html for more information. .

By: Jim Greenberg


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