Todays Military High Schools There Not Just For Troubled TeensAnymore

Military high schools today are claiming they are not the "punishment" places they used to be. Remember hearing the phrase, {or maybe you actually were told this by your parents}, "If you don't straighten up, your going to military school." Today, military schools in general want to change their image, and they don't take teen's who don't want to be there anymore either. Many young people have graduated from military high school every year, and they want to dispel the myths that have surrounded military high schools for years. Some of these myths may sound familiar to you.

Military High Schools Are For Students With Discipline Problems. {MYTH} Military high schools may offer a more structured and disciplinary environment for young people, but they do not accept students with server disciplinary problems. Especially if it involves drug abuse and the law. Military High Schools Are A Harsh and Cold Environment. {MYTH} These schools are one of the safest schools of any possible educational choices you can make for your child.

The structure and personal accountability taught in the military high school environments develops confidence, plus the positive adult interaction tends to be greater than in other high schools and even within their own homes. Military High Schools Condone Hazing and Physical Abuse. {MYTH} Military high schools stress safety and concern for the well-being of each other above all other considerations.

Military high schools must abide by the local, state, and federal laws concerning physical treatment of students. Military High Schools Train Students for the Armed Forces. {MYTH} Military high schools teach students how to live using the structure of the military system when it comes to responsibility, leadership, honor, discipline, and pride within the atmosphere that encourages spiritual, mental and physical growth. Military high schools are educational institutions that encourage their students to go to college-not the military service.

Military Schools do not offer a strong college prep curriculum. {MYTH} Military high schools are prep schools, preparing young adults for college life. Military high schools tech very effective study skills in preparation for college environment. Military high schools actually boast a high level of college enrollment for their students. Military high schools are really making a comeback, so much so that for the first time since 1965, two new military high schools are being planned.

Parents are starting to realize that military high schools have the ability to provide a disciplined environment because they have complete control over who is admitted, who stays, and the type of behavior that is expected from the teens. However, this does not mean that military high school is only for the rich, they are a great low-cost alternative to other prep schools and any child may apply. Military high schools provide teens with a safe, structured, and caring environment that provides them with the leadership training, personal growth and a better foundation for higher education and life.

Military high school may be a great choice for your child's future. .

By: LeeAnna


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