Trends in Carbon NanoTube Construction

In 2005 scientist's dreams of carbon Nanotube material came alive. We saw the first carbon nanotube sheets produced. Research Scientists were amazed at the incredible strength of the material, but that is not all, as the material was so thin it could remain transparent. Still more good news, it conducted electricity and it was flexible. Now then the scientists thought about all the applications for such a material, they are truly endless indeed.Everything from racecars, space ships and jet fighter planes were considered.

All of which could use such properties. An invisible airplane with a flexible wing, which was stronger than steel, get out! No, it is true; think of it. The computer display companies said well we can make ultra thin laptops with this material. The Navy said we can make a whole ship out of it, maybe an aircraft carrier.

NASA said wow, we can build rockets, space station and it is perfect for our Lunar Colony Building too. NASCAR said "hoo hoo, we can make stronger, safer, lighter and faster racecars!" The Police Departments saif we can put bulletproof windows in our cars and make these bulletproof vest less cumbersome. Boeing said, hey we can make an aircraft like the 747, which weighs 80% less and can carry more, further with less fuel. Indeed, indeed.Now then there is only one problem. That is going into 2006 these carbon nano tube sheets are too expensive to make and until we get a better manufacturing process for them, many of these applications are completely out of the question.

So what will 2006 do for carbon nanotubes? Scientists will find ways to make them cheaply and efficiently and by the end of the year have that problem solved, even if only on paper. Carbon Nanotubes are on there way and once here, they are here to stay. So think on this in 2006.

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