Trends in Gravity Research

Each year scientists are learning more and more about gravity; what it is and how it really works. Garage tinkering novices and scientists are constantly building small lifters, which are said to disrupt gravity waves and use other energy to float them up into the air like flying saucers.Many nations are working on producing anti-gravity propulsion units, some for military purposes, some for transportation and still others for space applications. Much scientific research is now being done and 2005 was a year when the debunkers took a back seat to some reach research coming online, while misdirection military folks tried to through a loop into what was being let out into the public and for good reason some say.

In 2005 NASA's Project Lisa or "Laser Interferometer Space Antenna" brought back some startling discoveries and yes Einstein and Newton are still revered to this day. Ripples in Space Time, vortex spirals in space and black holes all seem to be becoming closer to our realm in terms of human knowledge.In 2006 scientists will be on the brink of controlling gravity and will have sufficient proof of previous research to put for experiments which will eventually in future years be easier to duplicate and science dials in and gets to the bottom of gravity.

You can count on this in 2006.

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