Why Do Smart People Have More Zinc and Copper in Their Hair

It is a commonly known fact that people of high intelligence have high concentrations of Zine and Copper in their hair. The question is why? Why do very smart or extremely intelligent folks have more Zinc and Copper in their hair follicles? Some say that smart people retain more zinc and copper and that allows their brains to make connections faster or allow electric transfers of nerves, neurons and brain waves.Do smart people have different metabolisms or do they eat more meat and certain vegetables and thus have more to discharge? Or process out those things, which do not help cognition.

One researcher had considered that perhaps they have more heavy metals in their hair and well, it acts like an antenna and thus they can pick up other brain waves better or attract more electromagnetic energy from the air, thus their minds work at higher or more rogue waves per usage?.Myself, well I too have wondered about all this and came up with this theory partly considering this information on zink and copper:.http://worldthinktank.

net/wttbbs/index.php?s=73ead87f5be7a887ca5e193885dca20f&showtopic=145.If a pilot, soldier or racecar driver put copper and zinc in their helmet would that help make them smarter or is it from the body discharging the heavy metals easily from the body that makes the brain work better. If so, if you reduced you zinc and copper in your blood thru filtration, could you increase cognition? Are some blood types, which filter better causing this? Thus certain blood types are the cause of more intelligence and not necessarily the zinc or copper its self? Think on this in 2006.


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