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Lunar Runway and Arresting Hooks - Why can?t we build a runway on the Moon to land the space shuttle? Some say; oh it would have to be too long? Well why not put in arresting hooks like on the aircraft carriers and just hook the thing when it lands? Some people say that it might ri.

Directional Stun Device for Enemy MicroMechanical MAVs - What do you do if you are a soldier and all of a sudden a huge cloud or swarm of insects approaches? Picture a bunch of killer bees in a swarm times ten or a hundred? And picture them moving at about 30-40 miles per hour? Scared yet? Well maybe yo.

Accelerating Absorption of Membranes in Filtering Systems - Some water filtering systems run the fluid thru the systems more than once.

Trends in Gravity Research - Each year scientists are learning more and more about gravity; what it is and how it really works.

Specialized Scholarships for Aviation Maintenance - Aviation maintenance is a highly specialized field of work and requires a high degree of understanding, skills, and professionalism.

Wind Farms Limitations as Energy Platforms - As modern society searches around for alternative energy sources, wind farms are getting mention.

Artificial Intelligent Android and Building Blocks of Computer Brains - Designing an artificially intelligent android or robotic system whether it be for household chores or military use is not an easy task.

Todays Military High Schools There Not Just For Troubled TeensAnymore - Military high schools today are claiming they are not the "punishment" places they used to be.

Artificial Intelligent Air Mass Movement Super Computer Prediction - It seems it is time to add a little bit of artificial intelligence into the supercomputer system that predicts the weather and tracks the hurricanes at NOAA.

Adaptive Cellular Automata in Designing Artificial Intelligent Android Systems - When considering the designing and programming for artificial intelligent robotic android system it might be wise to allow multiple programs that are simplistic to interact.

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